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Microcyn® Technology

The Microcyn-based family of products are generated through a unique, patented electrochemical treatment of dilute saltwater. A pH neutral solution of hypochlorous acid, and its sodium salt, hypochlorite, is generated. The hypochlorous acid in Microcyn, similar to the natural hypochlorous acid produced by the human body, preserves the Microcyn solution.

The unique solution chemistry imparted through the patented Microcyn manufacturing system provides superior product stability. Standard electrochemical processes used in the manufacture of other hypochlorous acid-containing products, cannot come close to matching this stability.

Microcyn solution aids in the mechanical removal of debris and foreign materials from the application site. Dirt debris and foreign material are mechanically removed by the action of the wound cleanser moving across the wound bed or application site with or without the assistance of a suitable wound dressing.

At 95% water, Microcyn Skin and Wound Gel creates a moist wound environment that rehydrates necrotic tissue and promotes autolysis. These processes assist with the natural debridement process, thus enhancing the healing process.
There are no known drug/treatment interactions or contraindications with Microcyn-based products. Testing has demonstrated the gel and liquid products to be non-irritating, non-sensitizing and non-toxic. Through additional testing, Microcyn-based liquid products have been found to have no oral toxicity, cause no ocular irritation and are non-genotoxic.